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Lacey J. Mauritz, RDN, is a food-loving, registered dietitian, wife and mom who is ultra-passionate about child and family nutrition. Her goal is to engage parents and their little ones in the process of preparing, cooking and—the best part—eating fresh, healthy food. She is a cookbook author and the founder of Storybook Nutrition, a child- and family-dedicated practice that supports healthy food relationships. She has recently published a two-part series of parent-child cookbooks: Cooking with Mother Goose: Family-Friendly Meals and Celebrating with Mother Goose: Snacks, Sweets and Sips. These books are a collection of nursery rhymes and the recipes they inspired. Her earlier cookbooks—Eat! Play! Cook! and ¡Vamos a Cocinar!—are directed to little eaters six months old and up. 

Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and living in Santiago, Chile has had a tremendous influence on how Lacey approaches family nutrition. You’ll find a lot of Creole and South American influence in her recipes. Lacey has always believed that, as a dietitian, she must know how to prepare and serve food, while also being sensitive to its cultural significance, to teach people about nutrition and cooking. At the end of the day, her favorite way to support families is by balancing eating with enjoyment.

Lacey is the Director of Nutrition for Natural Behavior Solutions, a Jacksonville-based practice whose goal is to improve behavior problems, language and communication skills, health and wellness, independence within the home and community through scientifically validated research. She has experience with all types of patients from “neurotypical” adults, to kids without diagnosis, kids with varying developmental levels/diagnosis, weight loss, weight gain, adults with ASD and ODD… and so on! 

Cuando Lacey está lejos de la cocina, los clientes y los libros, le gusta jugar tenis, pasar tiempo con su familia y viajar. Para obtener más información sobre Lacey o cómo encontrar sus libros, visite su sitio web en www.storybooknutrition.com o envíele un correo electrónico a lacey@storybooknutrition.com. También puedes encontrar a Lacey en Instagram @storybooknutrition.

5 cosas que quizás no sabías sobre Lacey

  • Aprendió español cuando vivió en Chile, donde es conocida como La Gringa Nutricionista.
  • La canción infantil favorita es Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
  • Le encantan los mariscos, ¡de todo tipo!
  • Cuando era pequeña quería ser patinadora artística olímpica.
  • Cuando tiene que elegir entre la televisión o un buen libro, Lacey siempre elige leer.

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