To all the recipe contributors, thank you so much for sharing illustrations, photos, strategies, ideas and recipes so we could make the food in my books the best it could be.


Jacqueline “Jaq” Taylor • Illustrator

Jacqueline (Jaq) is a writer and self-taught artist based out of the UK. She is the loving grandmother of Edward Williams, my son’s best friend, and an honorary member of our family. Jaq brought Cooking with Mother Goose to life through her art and creativity; I cannot imagine writing this book without her. While Jaq has lent her talents to various private story collections, this book marks the debut of her work to the public.

When Jaq is away from her paints, she spends time outdoors taking satisfaction from the plants and creatures around her. The natural world is her inspiration, from a ladybird landing on her arm to the shade of an oak tree on a summer day.

5 things you might not know about Jaq

  • She writes short stories for her grandson.
  • Swims like a fish.
  • Loves all nursery rhymes and their connection to history.
  • Favorite food is the humble potato… so versatile!
  • Prefers the autumn over all the seasons.

Lorena Salinas • chef & food photographer

Lorena is a professional chef, award-winning blogger and an incredible food photographer. She’s the eye behind all of the fabulous photos in many of my books. Beyond bringing the recipes to life with beautiful visuals, she’s helped with the remix of some kid-friendly classics.

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@cravingsjournal •

Rachael Rydbeck • Chef & Recipe Tester

Rachael is a Le Cordon Bleu trained culinary instructor with over 15 years experience teaching classes to cooks of all skill levels. Her passion is to demystify cooking so that anyone can whip up a simple and satisfying meal. She can be found shopping for ingredients at local markets and teaching people how to cook in her kitchen. Rachael is also a mom of two and uses her firsthand experience of feeding young people to test recipes in my books.

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@cookingwithrachael •

Allie Rudney • Health Coach

Allie is a health coach from California. She’s always had a passion for staying active and helping others get healthy and that includes our four-legged friends. Allie dedicates her time to helping street dogs through her non-profit company Mila’s Treats. As a vegetarian, friend and fellow dog-lover, she was a natural fit to collaborate on this book.

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Silvana Carbajal • Culinary Blogger

Silvana bakes, cooks and tablescapes! She’s a self-taught culinary powerhouse and my go-to gal for beautiful, delicious treats. From baptisms to birthdays, class picnics to Christmas morning, no one in Chile makes better cakes, cookies and pastries for celebrating life’s sweetest moments. Silvana’s background in Peruvian, Canadian and Chilean cuisines gives her food and her table global appeal and her generous heart is poured into everything she makes.

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@silvanabakes •

Antonio Muñoz • Mixologist

Not every bartender lends their talents to a kid’s book, but Antonio stepped out from behind the bar to create signature, kid-friendly drinks inspired by the rhymes and recipes in my books. Working together on the mocktail recipes was a super fun (and tasty) way to collaborate. The best part is each non-alcoholic drink we made pairs nicely with the meals in my books. Salud (Cheers)!

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